Night time
Everybody loves the night time
Just beer and weed and powers
No seeds up in my sours
Night time
Folks get down in the night time

Cast heat for the souls that the nights keep
Might creep on you by the trash heap
They got a reach on you
Don’t sleep on the streets cause they sleep on you
Hold ya throat. Nosferatu gotchu
Shadow hot box you
With lamp post posted emotionless
And it looks hopeless
I guess it’s what they used to
Smoke like a hookah
Got a ghost face that’ll spook ya
Hope I don’t lose ya
In the concrete rivers
Say the shit looks shallow, I know
But same shit’ll swallow you whole
Cause they wild for the night
Smile like a crooked Nile
Child for the night
Barrel peeping like a ground hog
Have you leaking for the night
People speaking to they deacon for the night
On they knees for the night
Ask god please for the night
Let me make it through
Or end up like Diallo Amadou
for the night


Stay on point like the top of the terminal tower
Hands up like a clock at the turn of the hour
Its midnight right?
Hollow bone take flight
You can loose your life as quick as Tamir Rice
This is a ghost town
No luck for you pac man
Or your Mrs. when her pixels come up missin
This is the Eerie, you’ll get throw out the moon door
No need for the brooms. . . aaah
Everybody’s got an angle
Kalidescope of horrors
Ahnk – Right, Bart Brite Auras
broads on blogs
hair hats in hats
while these niggas on tracks
laying traps on trap
mumble rap barely audible
optical illusion for the profitable
check the ratio
of booze, weed, bitches and fallacio
Thankful for my daily bread
Navigate through the talking heads and the walking dead
Then I’m off to bed
Old crow nested in a glass
Resting in my left hand
tap the ash


from The Hues Brothers, released May 15, 2018
Produced by A-Live
written by Zion & Jungle
Jacob Wynn - Trumpet
David Kasper - Flute


all rights reserved