In the morning gotta hot box
Raise steaks full plated
Fittin with all the trimmins
Wipe out any brainwash
Clorox wit Oboes and Obnox
Petroleum for the elbows
And the blind spots
Justified like Tim Olyphant
Me and my confidants
Ruled em in for the schlock
Sherlock got
The Baskerville hounds
On lock jaw, the candor
Grown off can food
And hard floors
Replaced the peas
With the Rust-O
Break down the cardboard
And get more dollars
Than Creflo
And lick shots til the leads low
And if you down for revolution
Let me know

Vision too clear gotta blur it up
Pour some liquor in the cup then stir it up
Fill the philly with some kill then burn it up
Throw the wax on the slab then turn it up

Can’t get a living wage Don’t earn enough
So they cook it in the kitchen and they serve it up
Schools underfunded, kids don’t learn enough
So they riot in the streets and they burn em up

We be that authentic, raw vintage, palm printed,
Tamper proof, patent pending way it’s augmented
So Ironic, its iconic my phonics, fly sonnets, high sonics
Like Dilla said “up to the Red” peekin on it
Speakers bleeding out ground leakin on it
I’m done speakin on it.
up out the pulpit get the deacon on it
I’m back on my bullshit
Pour me a Hennessy. Fuck it triple me
We gone party like the rebel fighters did in Tripoli
So toast to the victory
New epiphanies and every sunrise sent to me
Fame it wasn’t meant for me
So in the interim I will forever live in infamy


from The Hues Brothers, released May 15, 2018


all rights reserved