I think she loves my steeze
I know I make her freeze
Type of feeling make you fall back get on one knee
Like a warm day in May getting bubbly
You know when two become one and make seed
It was over once I seen her face
Wanted to touch her in a secret place
Ass tighter than a speaker face
On some CSI sshh!
Can’t leave a trace
But I had to leave the case open
Cause she like the chase
Or Chicanery
Not chattel, not cattle, just family
Just Buckle and bootstrap bravery
She’s a grown ass woman no slavery
And that body savory
And mind right. So when the times right
we gone rise like bakery
fuck fakery
we only make it from the soul
fuck a pole, you don’t gotta twerk momma
when your aura is gold
close your eyes for this ritual
do this here habitual
(ZI ) . . . woah
and you know we both woke
and ain’t a lone spoke on a wheel
that’s real as reel to reel
we keepin it raw like sushi and eel
even when we in the house
a nigga keepin it field
bout to hit a grand slam with that mass appeal
and drop that hot wax so we seal the deal

I think she really love
I think she loves me knot
It’s rose petals for that ass now make it hot
Thanks for giving cuz I’m loving what the getting got
And if you really down baby watch my blind spot

I think she really love me
But if she love me not
I’m a do like Snoop said and drop it like it’s hot
Find myself inside another kind of sticky spot
But we gone always have these analog forget me nots

She heard on the last album call it Kimetic
The Bluest Black aesthetic
Why these niggas hatin? Call it pathetic
Check it
Now go ahead and wind that waist
And call it kinetic
As I wax poetic,
her star shining, heavenly body
said she had a present she couldn’t give everybody
a problem I address, her address
she undress out of that sun dress
knowin a sun blessed
after cum rest
nestled in her breast yes
not done yet, Baby this is Midwest
very fertile big hips and the soils fresh
go green get veggie family ingest



from The Hues Brothers, released May 15, 2018


all rights reserved