Winning but they at a loss
Dicks in a jar
Reading vagina monologues
The state of which
Got everybody
Feelin like a bitch
Gotta pull a bait and switch
I write for samurai fish
That fight their own relfections
Black face and white washed
Parlor tricks, Hall of mirrors
Stones and sticks, Smash it up
Magilla gut
One of the Hues brothers
Be the bluer of the black
Every lines an autograph
For the game’s epitaph
Cats act like
Theres dead wings
At they back
Don’t know how to fly
Unless you catch a contact
I feel you
Even Otis Redding had dreams
Like Lou Alcindors
Before Kareem, Na’meen?

Want that golden parachute
villains of the corporate
House and the car all cash no mortgages
Morsel of a sorceress
Phat ass tighter than a corset is
Fishnets no porpuses
We be in rare air
Tryin to see my artist niggas get their fair share
Gotta score to settle
Stay solid like Metal Gear
But they don’t even care
Like there’s no there there
No matter the format
I got rhymes from the doormat
To the heavens above
And the gates that adorn that
There’s heaven right here
in the place you was born at
L Camp and the Mu
It’s truer than Rorschach
Back from the Future
And it’s Bluer and more Black
You can’t hold a stylist to what my style is
Black and hungry like Somalian pirates
Need that hazard pay like Liberian pilots
walkin that thin line between wise and violent


from The Hues Brothers, released May 15, 2018
Produced by A-Live
written by Zion & Jungle


all rights reserved