Day-O it’s that day ol’ bigot
Two piece and a side with a biscuit misfits
Niggas wanna be down
But they can’t hash it up with the browns
Morning menu make you switch up the venue
Try to commandeer our heritage
With the hate that you inherited for your surrogates
Such arrogance, unmerited
Another brick in the wall
50 feet tall knucklehead
Gnarl your knuckles off
Or knock on wood
Cause it aint all good
Relatives live narratives
That be perilous
Like tactics used to counter terrorists
Should be the other way round
Til the gun shot sound
Hard to mourn for a uniform
They carrying and careless
With fingers on their heirless
Undertaker tailors
Make sure that they’re well dressed
What’s next?
Exodus, Marley, Garvey probably

I’m tryin to put this a way that you can understand
But they got other plans
I’m just a simple man
Trying to wrap his mind around the circumference of circumstance
Get a little piece of the pie
Double my radius
They want me squared up mind in confined areas
Input are various outcomes nefarious
Yeah, I remember. It’s written in my genome,
but swear Black folks got Stockholm syndrome
Been around the block, but I never been Home
Since they bulldozed the upper Room at Lomond and Lindholm
And you?
Got the spark, but no kindling
And no ending in sight
We just getting started
Mastered the art
Of martyrdom
But living’s the hardest part
The rest is an afterthought
Exit the terrordome
Catching bodies like
Asphalt arms and chalk hands
Reincarnated in hashtags
Need to change course
The Nile flows North
No remedy for what the vile pours forth
Lake Victoria, Mountain of the Moon
Sudanese pyramid steps, I never seen the Ruins
Institutions and delusions got my people in ruin
Uplift, take this gift from these brothers the Hues

We doin this cuz it’s deep to us Homes
The MuAmin Collective with these Hip-Hop poems
Spittin that goodness for my people that jones
We got that live shit, ayo! Bring it back home
Bring it back Home
Bring it back Home


from The Hues Brothers, released May 15, 2018
produced by A-Live
written by Zion & Jungle


all rights reserved