I Saw the Light

from The Hues Brothers by Muamin Collective



Leap through a ring of fire
When you’re in the hot seat
An epic retreat
Hard to face them facts
That leave you incomplete
Walking the street
Staring at the concrete
Like it might cave under your feet
Steep in the waters we weep
For those who no longer speak
Let their memories keep us

Pushed an envelope’s edge
Til it fell out the seat
Spare air carry a delivery
Dare you open to the possibilities?
Or keep a lid on it
Child’s lock, Murphy’s oil
Push while turn
Thirts while burn
Vulture’s perch
Like they eggs poached
They colored folk broke
And they women on choke
Tempers get short
Like M80s baby we crazy
And you aint tryin see that
But when you blind to the facts
It’s the same wherever you at
And trying to act
Like theres no salary cap
Robbin Peter to pay Paul
Fuck y’all
Don’t call it a down fall
Call it an escalation
Of actions from uglier motivations
Heavier sedations
Longer occupations
Actions from uglier motivations

There’s something behind it. . .
I am reminded
Forces of foresight
Guiding the blinded
Timely and timeless
How could they make it?
Helpless and hapless
Maybe it’s random. . .
Turning the tumblers
Playing the numbers
Reckless abandon
What of the future?
Fate or the faith
Is it one in the same
I hear whispers and rumors
What am I stupid?
Gone off a bender
Strength of surrender
I have to choose it
Nothing to lose
There was nothing but you
To tell you the truth
I’m bout to lose it
Where are you right now?
I can image
Panties and night gown
Turning the lights down
Where are you right now
I can imagine . . .



from The Hues Brothers, released May 15, 2018
Produced by A-Live, Eli Hanley and Zion
written by Zion & Jungle


all rights reserved