(Alternative facts. . . Fake News)

No one will care until foreign cars
Are stacked 2 and 3 high along boulevards
lines at gas stations are 500 yards
And uniformed men with machine guns stand guard
No one will care till their building Trumps wall
With GPS anklets or bracelets installed
court ordered private collection involved
and tripled the fines till they can’t pay at all
No one is there when they come to your door
Kick it in with a boot
Kill your children, what’s more. . .
Livin in fear till a drone drops a bomb
On your neighborhood school
As they sound the alarm
Beware the tap waters on fire
rivers and lakes are just fuel for the pyre
Blank stares with their lips are all cracking
stench of Methane fills the air from the fracking
Mountains are leveled for coal in their veins
and Saints all wear picket signs
“Not in Our Name”
No one will care till the movies come true
we’re all co-stars broadcast on youtube

Don’t believe in the lies
That you see with your eyes
They deceive and disguise
They reprieve and reprise

Numbers don’t lie, Damn if these fools do
Walk around a roomwith an elephant in the view
Til there a hole in they shoe. Fake news askew
Gotta take it back, like they scratching a cue
So rack em up
No bedside manner but they shackin up
Lack of credence revival dark water frackin up
Fortunate sums from fortunes that sprung
From Corporate lies spread with a fork in the tongue
I got the floor shakin, for whom the bell rung
Deserts drained of the oasis. The dirt done.
Sioux suicide escalate, They well hung
Foreign ties aside they like “Fuck you came from?!”
Daimyos and shoguns, Monsanto dust bowl
Gun to ya temple , your life is in escrow
Revert to that Levert, For the love of the dough
But say it be Mu, so we letting you know
So errbody crowd around the idiot box
And listen to the CNN, ABC, and The Fox
Or the faceboook, be the many faced God
Put two hearts on your face porn in the morn
From the cellular phone or the tele or the tablet
To lap dancers on ya laptop in ya lap jack
That be the alternative fact
To be free by the murder on the one sha-clack



from The Hues Brothers, released May 15, 2018
produced by A-Live
written by Zion & Jungle


all rights reserved