She asked me “Am I beautiful?”
Yes is what I told her
Though she did not believe me, so
Holding on to cold shoulders
Like a coat of arms
For ducks floating
With them lucky charms
Sing battle songs
That make a nigga buy the farm
Live stock thick
But good stock, sick
Of the same ol’ shit
Got crazy
Maybe a bit quick
Burning at both ends of the wick
And went astray
Both lighting our own way
And these words in the perfume
To assume that reassure you
Try to kiss away your blues
But you say it won’t do
Its just secondhand news
So crumble it up
Use it for cushion n in my shoes
And strut like king tut
When I’m waking out the tomb


from The Hues Brothers, released May 15, 2018
produced by A-Live
written by Zion & Jungle


all rights reserved