Innocent intelligence
Edified elegance walk with a reverence
Talk with a relevance
Immaculate master of the craftwork
The this that work, Jerk.
You pull in everything you put out
Watch your mouth
High stakes vibrational
Transference rotational
Pure sensational
Perfect pitch. Word. Superfluous
Absurd, You heard? The worst it gets
For the purposes of survival smite rivalists
A-Live, Z-I, Fare Trade Tribalists
Witt, banter, barter freedom for martyrdom
Smarter than dumb
Push this art shit farther than some

Got it from here
How I’m gon give it back
Trust em far as I can throw em
Like Golden Sacks
Outkast crumbling herb
Out the wind chime
Let’s wake and make
The planets align
Pulse high like sky scrapping
Roll of these shavings
And pray without shaking
Still sway like the arc in St. Louis
Or snap from the tension
Like the neck of Judas
True it’s the Mu wit
The cultural conduit
Hold mics like Jim Thorpe
Olympic torch
Steady course
Flow like an iron horse
Drawn and quarter
Corner waters on your porch
To the soul sonic force
In the land of the Lost
We set it off

In the Land of the lost we Set it off
By any means at any cost
Show me how to rock it
I’m a show you how to rock it
Brother Hues
Cues to corner pocket
Put that merch on the table
we can show you how to profit
(repeat all)


from The Hues Brothers, released May 15, 2018


all rights reserved