Black Satire

from The Hues Brothers by Muamin Collective



Z V.1
I’m not ignorant. More igneous
Organic volcanic serious spray
Remnants reside in the clay
These arts are artifacts of Mali and Kush
Now all the art attracts is Molly and Kush
Left a petrified forest after the burning bush
And where you think we headed for
Metamorphic metaphors for the moments orphans
Multiply their portions, Unify the quotients
Lose control of my emotions
I will ventilate the oceans
Desalinize, right?
A decolonized mind
Precipitate a culture that eviscerate the vultures
World B. Free! Eliminate the borders
Breakdown the system that disseminate the orders
Of this New World
Ink blot plot. Mr. robot stock
Throwback to way before that
This is Heaven right here
And a hell down below that
Old Joe got his flow back
Pro Black like ski masks and a lo jack
You know that nigga
my blood pumps Cherokee red
No reservations in my statement so you heard what I said
Aim for the head

(Hook) Slim
Up in C-Town my niggas putting it down
If you ain’t legitimate then you’ll be bitched with the sound
When the mic come around Keep your nose to the ground
Cuz they smell the blood in water stomach rumbling now
Want the green by the pound, the wealth spread it around
Ain’t no point to being king if you’ll we dead with the crown

A-Live V.2
To my niggas and my bitches and my hundred dollar billa’s
Who be frontin like they killas Just monkey turning gorilla
Rocking diamond chinchilla. Swaggin to see who illa
Don’t hate niggas is itchin. Waiting watchin like Malcolm
Shotties out in the kitchen. Blind with wide eyes
thinkin they on a mission. swearin they in tradition
OK, wait, I’m trippin. These niggas ain’t livin
These crackers is pimpin cause trappin’s a rappers vision
Snappin and hittin switches. Causing static wit chickens
Washing money like dishes. Fame is on some different shit
These niggas is infamous stunted out with some rented shit
In parenthesis cuz it don’t make a difference
Corporate is backing cooney shit
Ocean 11 Clooney shit
Taking the culture back from these vultures
Now tell me who the shit


from The Hues Brothers, released May 15, 2018
Produced by A-Live
written by Zion, A-Live & Jungle


all rights reserved