The Hues Brothers

by Muamin Collective

Prelude 01:23
Fake News 03:38
(Alternative facts. . . Fake News) No one will care until foreign cars Are stacked 2 and 3 high along boulevards lines at gas stations are 500 yards And uniformed men with machine guns stand guard No one will care till their building Trumps wall With GPS anklets or bracelets installed court ordered private collection involved and tripled the fines till they can’t pay at all No one is there when they come to your door Kick it in with a boot Kill your children, what’s more. . . Livin in fear till a drone drops a bomb On your neighborhood school As they sound the alarm Beware the tap waters on fire rivers and lakes are just fuel for the pyre Blank stares with their lips are all cracking stench of Methane fills the air from the fracking Mountains are leveled for coal in their veins and Saints all wear picket signs “Not in Our Name” No one will care till the movies come true we’re all co-stars broadcast on youtube (hook) Don’t believe in the lies That you see with your eyes They deceive and disguise They reprieve and reprise (repeat) Numbers don’t lie, Damn if these fools do Walk around a roomwith an elephant in the view Til there a hole in they shoe. Fake news askew Gotta take it back, like they scratching a cue So rack em up No bedside manner but they shackin up Lack of credence revival dark water frackin up Fortunate sums from fortunes that sprung From Corporate lies spread with a fork in the tongue I got the floor shakin, for whom the bell rung Deserts drained of the oasis. The dirt done. Sioux suicide escalate, They well hung Foreign ties aside they like “Fuck you came from?!” Daimyos and shoguns, Monsanto dust bowl Gun to ya temple , your life is in escrow Revert to that Levert, For the love of the dough But say it be Mu, so we letting you know So errbody crowd around the idiot box And listen to the CNN, ABC, and The Fox Or the faceboook, be the many faced God Put two hearts on your face porn in the morn From the cellular phone or the tele or the tablet To lap dancers on ya laptop in ya lap jack That be the alternative fact To be free by the murder on the one sha-clack (Hook)
My Baby 02:18
Day-O it’s that day ol’ bigot Two piece and a side with a biscuit misfits Niggas wanna be down But they can’t hash it up with the browns Morning menu make you switch up the venue Try to commandeer our heritage With the hate that you inherited for your surrogates Such arrogance, unmerited Another brick in the wall 50 feet tall knucklehead Gnarl your knuckles off Or knock on wood Cause it aint all good Relatives live narratives That be perilous Like tactics used to counter terrorists Should be the other way round Til the gun shot sound Hard to mourn for a uniform They carrying and careless With fingers on their heirless Undertaker tailors Make sure that they’re well dressed What’s next? Exodus, Marley, Garvey probably I’m tryin to put this a way that you can understand But they got other plans I’m just a simple man Trying to wrap his mind around the circumference of circumstance Get a little piece of the pie Double my radius They want me squared up mind in confined areas Input are various outcomes nefarious Yeah, I remember. It’s written in my genome, but swear Black folks got Stockholm syndrome Been around the block, but I never been Home Since they bulldozed the upper Room at Lomond and Lindholm And you? Got the spark, but no kindling And no ending in sight We just getting started Mastered the art Of martyrdom But living’s the hardest part The rest is an afterthought Exit the terrordome Catching bodies like Asphalt arms and chalk hands Reincarnated in hashtags Need to change course The Nile flows North No remedy for what the vile pours forth Lake Victoria, Mountain of the Moon Sudanese pyramid steps, I never seen the Ruins Institutions and delusions got my people in ruin Uplift, take this gift from these brothers the Hues We doin this cuz it’s deep to us Homes The MuAmin Collective with these Hip-Hop poems Spittin that goodness for my people that jones We got that live shit, ayo! Bring it back home Bring it back Home Bring it back Home
The Night 03:52
Night time Everybody loves the night time Just beer and weed and powers No seeds up in my sours Night time Folks get down in the night time Cast heat for the souls that the nights keep Might creep on you by the trash heap They got a reach on you Don’t sleep on the streets cause they sleep on you Hold ya throat. Nosferatu gotchu Shadow hot box you With lamp post posted emotionless And it looks hopeless I guess it’s what they used to Smoke like a hookah Got a ghost face that’ll spook ya Hope I don’t lose ya In the concrete rivers Say the shit looks shallow, I know But same shit’ll swallow you whole Cause they wild for the night Smile like a crooked Nile Child for the night Barrel peeping like a ground hog Have you leaking for the night People speaking to they deacon for the night On they knees for the night Ask god please for the night Let me make it through Or end up like Diallo Amadou for the night (Hook) Stay on point like the top of the terminal tower Hands up like a clock at the turn of the hour Its midnight right? Hollow bone take flight You can loose your life as quick as Tamir Rice This is a ghost town No luck for you pac man Or your Mrs. when her pixels come up missin This is the Eerie, you’ll get throw out the moon door No need for the brooms. . . aaah Everybody’s got an angle Kalidescope of horrors Ahnk – Right, Bart Brite Auras broads on blogs hair hats in hats while these niggas on tracks laying traps on trap mumble rap barely audible optical illusion for the profitable check the ratio of booze, weed, bitches and fallacio Thankful for my daily bread Navigate through the talking heads and the walking dead Then I’m off to bed Old crow nested in a glass Resting in my left hand tap the ash
Life Exp 01:16
(Zion) Ain’t no tellin what the next night bring That’s why I’m just trying to do the next right thing Catching lighting in bottle with a kite on a string Ben Frank with a key bringing light to the bling Eyes on the flight of the thing David took Goliath with a rock and a sling Witness the rise of a king See this reality in the guise of a dream. It’s Hip to the Hop with a hyphen between With the rhythm of a pendulum swing Play it close, static cling Posting on the status of things No matter what the price of it seem Ends unite with the means Prometheus got this fire to bring (Jungle) Comin to you live at your function Zi &Co. gets this jumpin Alive on the track And he keep it bumpin Smokin til my lungs combustin Say sip on something "Don’t mind if I do" If you are inclined then you have some too This that shit that make dome pieces get sea sickness Shoot the moon aiming for the bleachers They shoot to kill aiming for our future To repeat defeat Tags on toes with no receipts No CTrl Alt delete cowboys in the streets Spaghetti mid-western Ill-tempered bots So plug up the Aux, and let the Mu out ya box
Exes 02:30
She asked me “Am I beautiful?” Yes is what I told her Though she did not believe me, so Holding on to cold shoulders Like a coat of arms For ducks floating With them lucky charms Sing battle songs That make a nigga buy the farm Live stock thick But good stock, sick Of the same ol’ shit Got crazy Maybe a bit quick Burning at both ends of the wick And went astray Both lighting our own way And these words in the perfume To assume that reassure you Try to kiss away your blues But you say it won’t do Its just secondhand news So crumble it up Use it for cushion n in my shoes And strut like king tut When I’m waking out the tomb
Microphone check Metronome set For the mechanized Poetic paramedic Methodized rhymes Is copacetic Don’t forget it Be the funk that’ll fuel it Be that death defying Black Music Say it be that death defying Black music Formidable force like Bantu To remind you The blessed son Of a tin man Joint hinged with binge drinking Pen sinking Low tide, them thinking He out of his mind Just be easy Just looking for a speakeasy To throw back and sleep easy So intact with the throwback And kick it Like Wilson pickett With a pic in the thicket When I’m in it That old school with that new cool Paradox head knock Besta know that LMNTL be the sure shot That old school with that new cool Paradox head knock Muamin baby Be the sure shot
Rare Air 02:21
(Jungle) Winning but they at a loss Dicks in a jar Reading vagina monologues Pause The state of which Got everybody Feelin like a bitch Gotta pull a bait and switch I write for samurai fish That fight their own relfections Black face and white washed Parlor tricks, Hall of mirrors Stones and sticks, Smash it up Magilla gut One of the Hues brothers Be the bluer of the black Every lines an autograph For the game’s epitaph Cats act like Theres dead wings At they back Don’t know how to fly Unless you catch a contact I feel you Even Otis Redding had dreams Like Lou Alcindors Before Kareem, Na’meen? (Zion) Want that golden parachute villains of the corporate House and the car all cash no mortgages Morsel of a sorceress Phat ass tighter than a corset is Fishnets no porpuses We be in rare air Tryin to see my artist niggas get their fair share Gotta score to settle Stay solid like Metal Gear But they don’t even care Like there’s no there there No matter the format I got rhymes from the doormat To the heavens above And the gates that adorn that There’s heaven right here in the place you was born at L Camp and the Mu It’s truer than Rorschach Back from the Future And it’s Bluer and more Black You can’t hold a stylist to what my style is Black and hungry like Somalian pirates Need that hazard pay like Liberian pilots walkin that thin line between wise and violent
Lovin U 04:23
Nothin like lovin U Like feathers on a house cat Needles in a haystack On that I hear the people talk Whispering when you walk Your love is hard to find Darling I’m glad your mine Just want to let you know I’ll never let you go I’m cool as I can be Knowing you belong to me You call me on the phone Jimmy what’s going on I jump into my ride quick Cause I want you by my side Now I can hardly wait Til I get to your gate Nothin can break our date cause Baby you take the cake Hook Lovin U You’re all there is and then some 4X
Strange 02:07
In the morning gotta hot box Raise steaks full plated Fittin with all the trimmins Wipe out any brainwash Clorox wit Oboes and Obnox Petroleum for the elbows And the blind spots Justified like Tim Olyphant Me and my confidants Ruled em in for the schlock Sherlock got The Baskerville hounds On lock jaw, the candor Grown off can food And hard floors Replaced the peas With the Rust-O Break down the cardboard And get more dollars Than Creflo And lick shots til the leads low And if you down for revolution Let me know Vision too clear gotta blur it up Pour some liquor in the cup then stir it up Fill the philly with some kill then burn it up Throw the wax on the slab then turn it up Can’t get a living wage Don’t earn enough So they cook it in the kitchen and they serve it up Schools underfunded, kids don’t learn enough So they riot in the streets and they burn em up We be that authentic, raw vintage, palm printed, Tamper proof, patent pending way it’s augmented So Ironic, its iconic my phonics, fly sonnets, high sonics Like Dilla said “up to the Red” peekin on it Speakers bleeding out ground leakin on it I’m done speakin on it. up out the pulpit get the deacon on it I’m back on my bullshit Pour me a Hennessy. Fuck it triple me We gone party like the rebel fighters did in Tripoli So toast to the victory New epiphanies and every sunrise sent to me Fame it wasn’t meant for me So in the interim I will forever live in infamy
Black Satire 03:08
Z V.1 I’m not ignorant. More igneous Organic volcanic serious spray Remnants reside in the clay These arts are artifacts of Mali and Kush Now all the art attracts is Molly and Kush Left a petrified forest after the burning bush And where you think we headed for Metamorphic metaphors for the moments orphans Multiply their portions, Unify the quotients (Pause) Lose control of my emotions I will ventilate the oceans Desalinize, right? A decolonized mind Precipitate a culture that eviscerate the vultures World B. Free! Eliminate the borders Breakdown the system that disseminate the orders Of this New World Ink blot plot. Mr. robot stock Throwback to way before that This is Heaven right here And a hell down below that Old Joe got his flow back Pro Black like ski masks and a lo jack You know that nigga my blood pumps Cherokee red No reservations in my statement so you heard what I said Aim for the head (Hook) Slim Up in C-Town my niggas putting it down If you ain’t legitimate then you’ll be bitched with the sound When the mic come around Keep your nose to the ground Cuz they smell the blood in water stomach rumbling now Want the green by the pound, the wealth spread it around Ain’t no point to being king if you’ll we dead with the crown A-Live V.2 To my niggas and my bitches and my hundred dollar billa’s Who be frontin like they killas Just monkey turning gorilla Rocking diamond chinchilla. Swaggin to see who illa Don’t hate niggas is itchin. Waiting watchin like Malcolm Shotties out in the kitchen. Blind with wide eyes thinkin they on a mission. swearin they in tradition OK, wait, I’m trippin. These niggas ain’t livin These crackers is pimpin cause trappin’s a rappers vision Snappin and hittin switches. Causing static wit chickens Washing money like dishes. Fame is on some different shit These niggas is infamous stunted out with some rented shit In parenthesis cuz it don’t make a difference Corporate is backing cooney shit Ocean 11 Clooney shit Taking the culture back from these vultures Now tell me who the shit
Roses 03:10
(A-live) I think she loves my steeze I know I make her freeze Type of feeling make you fall back get on one knee Like a warm day in May getting bubbly You know when two become one and make seed (ZI) It was over once I seen her face Wanted to touch her in a secret place Ass tighter than a speaker face On some CSI sshh! Can’t leave a trace But I had to leave the case open Cause she like the chase (A-Live) No JP Or Chicanery Not chattel, not cattle, just family Just Buckle and bootstrap bravery She’s a grown ass woman no slavery (ZI) And that body savory And mind right. So when the times right we gone rise like bakery (A) fuck fakery we only make it from the soul fuck a pole, you don’t gotta twerk momma when your aura is gold close your eyes for this ritual do this here habitual (ZI ) . . . woah and you know we both woke and ain’t a lone spoke on a wheel that’s real as reel to reel (A) we keepin it raw like sushi and eel (ZI) even when we in the house a nigga keepin it field (A) bout to hit a grand slam with that mass appeal and drop that hot wax so we seal the deal (hook) I think she really love I think she loves me knot It’s rose petals for that ass now make it hot Thanks for giving cuz I’m loving what the getting got And if you really down baby watch my blind spot I think she really love me But if she love me not I’m a do like Snoop said and drop it like it’s hot Find myself inside another kind of sticky spot But we gone always have these analog forget me nots (repeat) (A) She heard on the last album call it Kimetic The Bluest Black aesthetic Why these niggas hatin? Call it pathetic Check it Now go ahead and wind that waist And call it kinetic (Z) As I wax poetic, her star shining, heavenly body said she had a present she couldn’t give everybody a problem I address, her address she undress out of that sun dress knowin a sun blessed (A) after cum rest nestled in her breast yes not done yet, Baby this is Midwest very fertile big hips and the soils fresh go green get veggie family ingest (yes) (hook)
Blu Notes 02:23
Innocent intelligence Edified elegance walk with a reverence Talk with a relevance Immaculate master of the craftwork The this that work, Jerk. You pull in everything you put out Watch your mouth High stakes vibrational Transference rotational Pure sensational Perfect pitch. Word. Superfluous Absurd, You heard? The worst it gets For the purposes of survival smite rivalists A-Live, Z-I, Fare Trade Tribalists Witt, banter, barter freedom for martyrdom Smarter than dumb Push this art shit farther than some (Jungle) Got it from here How I’m gon give it back Trust em far as I can throw em Like Golden Sacks Outkast crumbling herb Out the wind chime Let’s wake and make The planets align Halluci-Nation Pulse high like sky scrapping Roll of these shavings And pray without shaking Still sway like the arc in St. Louis Or snap from the tension Like the neck of Judas True it’s the Mu wit The cultural conduit Hold mics like Jim Thorpe Olympic torch Steady course Flow like an iron horse Drawn and quarter Corner waters on your porch To the soul sonic force In the land of the Lost We set it off (HOOK) In the Land of the lost we Set it off By any means at any cost Show me how to rock it I’m a show you how to rock it Brother Hues Cues to corner pocket Put that merch on the table we can show you how to profit (repeat all)
Ratchet 03:46
(hook) I got a hatchet for the ratchet I got a satchel full black masks gasoline and matches Stoking fires for the pious Sewing clothes for the froze Providing more lies for the buyers Seed for the pastures So there’ll be pretty flowers for the sheep in the hour of the rapture Hear laughter from the rafters As I place Silver coins in their eyes so they can pay their passage (Zion) post traumatic addict, ghost in the attic most emphatic host to tragic. dose of magic spit it graphic through the static till they close the casket bad habits, north coast schematics got a ratchet for the wretched ratched for it hatch and wreck your palette put it in your deck and rack it. call it classic call it just the best you’ve ever had. its for the masses tip your glasses, tap the ashes from the L that’s ever passin by the truth but never askin questions as the clever masquerading as the everlasting (Jungle) Get low like sonar Bounce back like frequencies From alien entities We basking in a fashion Crackin open a Kraken With a school of mermaidens Each floating with a flaggen Dis be that boy Sue Saxon Wit a black Chuck Chaplin Do it to em like MJ Wit a Hitler mustache Hmmmmmmm Too soon? Fuck it Nigga rake the cash in Bad Santa Kaiser blade Slicing all the prices down Of what your life is now (In a fashion) Welcome to the layer cake No tears no icing Survive by syphoning The blood of a bison That smack a hoe tribe That’s derived from Tyson Fighting in a slaughter house Trying to get the demons out Raps crush lungs Just like a Python They rocking broken smiles They defined by the biting And there will be blood Like the break of a hymen Like Daniel Day Lewis nigga Nobody like him (Zion) The whole world off its axis Let me give you the low down My man atlas tore a tendon He put the load down We on a roll now. On the road to who knows now Swagger more outa control every go round This is moonshine, It burn when it go round Like shorty strawberry Gordy on her Motown Niggas wanna chop and screw it? Better slow down ‘for ya laid out AID’n holdin the floor down Man holdin the wall up. Fans holdin there hands up When we up in your town Bills doin the ho-down mane We free agents don’t speak sign language Bullshit walk, money talk, and that’s ageless This is Gypsy music to get tipsy to For phat asses and hip to dipsy do This is heavy metals in a centrifuge Power, like the FCC to censor you
(Hook) Leap through a ring of fire When you’re in the hot seat An epic retreat Hard to face them facts That leave you incomplete Walking the street Staring at the concrete Like it might cave under your feet Steep in the waters we weep For those who no longer speak Let their memories keep us Warm (Jungle) Pushed an envelope’s edge Til it fell out the seat Spare air carry a delivery Dare you open to the possibilities? Or keep a lid on it Child’s lock, Murphy’s oil Push while turn Thirts while burn Vulture’s perch Like they eggs poached They colored folk broke And they women on choke Tempers get short Like M80s baby we crazy And you aint tryin see that But when you blind to the facts It’s the same wherever you at And trying to act Like theres no salary cap Robbin Peter to pay Paul Fuck y’all Don’t call it a down fall Call it an escalation Of actions from uglier motivations Heavier sedations Longer occupations Actions from uglier motivations (Zion) There’s something behind it. . . I am reminded Forces of foresight Guiding the blinded Timely and timeless How could they make it? Helpless and hapless Uneducated Maybe it’s random. . . Turning the tumblers Playing the numbers Reckless abandon What of the future? Fate or the faith Is it one in the same I hear whispers and rumors What am I stupid? Gone off a bender Strength of surrender I have to choose it Nothing to lose There was nothing but you To tell you the truth I’m bout to lose it Where are you right now? I can image Panties and night gown Turning the lights down Where are you right now I can imagine . . . (Hook)
Cycle 03:41
(Hook) It’s a cycle Make some psychos Not a trifle Get an eye full Make you stifle In a very Unnecessary Vicious cycle Say it’s a bible Or a rifle It’s a body cop cam Gone viral In a spiral Its like a cyclone In a cycle A vicious cycle It’s a bottle With a towel It’s a molotov Cocktail pryo And when its burning You’ll be learning A vicious cycle A vicious cycle It’s a cycle That make some psychos It’s a cycle That make some psychos It’s a cycle That make some psychos
Postlude 01:01


released May 15, 2018

Album recorded by David Kasper at Gravy Train Studio
Mixed by MuAmin Collective
Album art by James Quarles
All tracks written by MuAmin Collective
All tracks produced by aLive except where noted *

*Luvin U Produced by Geo

*I saw the Light co-produced by Eli Hanley & Josiah Quarles
David Kasper - Tenor Sax
Jacob Wynn - Trumpet
Eli Hanley - Piano, Synth Bass

*Show & Prove co-produced by Eli Hanley
additional lyrics and vocals by Prime Minister


all rights reserved