So Blue its Black

by Muamin Collective

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With their fourth studio album, SO BLUE ITS BLACK, the two have matured and their sound has grown as their lives have changed. Diverse samples, with intricate chops, and poetic density have always been a signature, but the musicality is much richer with aLive delving into music theory and the narratives penned by Zion reflecting a mellowed militancy of a culture concerned for its children. Writing instructor and Soccer coach in Cleveland’s Slavic village by day and MC at night and a newly minted father, art imitates life and vice versa.


released March 24, 2014

Lyrics - Zion
Production - aLiVE

cover art by James Quarles
recorded at Wynn Studios
mastering by Wax Monkey Productions


all rights reserved



Muamin Collective Cleveland


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Track Name: Midwest Bank
it's elemental, isotope variant
never asconshed with the judas Iscariot
30 pieces. Money greases palms
we the song and we ain't seen none of it
Dirty Job,
they can't clean none of it
Lay offs, Day offs
spray from the block stray off
Sraight chaos, way off kilter
white noise.
Bypass, high pass filter
Fu*%! autotune
but we got that autoflow
bills without the automo
so we called an audible
left flank slant
from the west bank man
midwest yes
straight from chest plate and. . .

It's so gut, so nuts, so what?! (uh)
So chewed, so true, so MU!
So we, sew seed, so trust
that Cleve indeed say WHAT!!

Zion (v.2)
you intune to aLiVer sound
cut and groom and my bride got a flyer gown
sippin yac and cider rounds
swagger Vance Swagger up
bag her up
she's a biter had to try her down
gag her up just to pipe it down
we multiplying now
while they left to find a towel
wettin from the inside and out
in the new title town
bubble like a deep fryer now
number one like Micaiah count

It's so gut, so nuts, so what?! (uh)
So chewed, so true, so MU!
So we, sew seed, so trust
that Cleve indeed say WHAT!!
Track Name: What's the Use? feat. Holy
Hip-hop's Hazardous. Skip that.
Strip that scandalous ______
got her tits out, tricked out fabulous . . . Glitz
feel this ______ in her cavernous
space is the place chase carriages. . . Wait. . .
haste make waste play averages
ass like that tip balances
great lake taste make ravenous . . . skate
roll up, cold cut MC's, fold up sandwiches
total up damages rest left for the scavengers
in jest mess left for the managers
vanish 'em rest . . .less caught by the cameras
flic that, flip that
cut rate brandishers
love for the amorous
luck for the gambler's fate

More laquer for the slackers
smack for the hacker
warbucks for the cluckers
aaawww shucks
laces for the tongue tuckers
death for these dumb fuckers
bum luck
Track Name: Mo Meta Blues
(zion v.1)
My apologies
god forgive this progeny of miscogeny
black eyed peas and collard greens
slash prodigy of thrift shop eceonomy hip-hop
street light photography
John Brown staright to the armory
heat that 'll carterize an artery
audilbly vibration is a quantum leap
a trail of tears follow me
gathering gords for the hollowing
more masks than haolloween or Dunbar
and we back like lumbar
or hand made clay pottery
the artistry is infinite and oughta be
they hardly, we heartily
like my love for daughter be

So Meta ever so clever
act like he know better
but he no better
So meta, ever so clever
act like we know better,
but we no better
So meta, ever so clever
act like they know better,
but they no better
So meta, ever so clever
act like ya know better. . .

Zion (v.2)
I got so much to say can't get it out of my mouth
it's a apart of me now like Dixie's a part of the the south
a spot on the avenue
longitude, latitude
nappyhead aziatic eyes,
thick thighs, bad attitude
real talk, no platitude
what is beauty?
envy lies about her
designer over count(h)er
imitation, we see limitation in the powder
rinse it off in shower
call me in an hour.
now disrespect,
no disputing U Power
went from so single
feeling so slow
replay slomo
toes tingle
baby girl gettin money,
broke niggas acting funny
crash test dummies
I'm looking to the future as you move above me
the seen so lovely

So Meta ever so clever
act like he know better
but he no better
So meta, ever so clever
act like she know better,
but she no better
So meta, ever so clever
act like they know better,
but we know better
So meta, ever so clever
act like ya know better. . .
Track Name: Inna City
In a city where the sun shine for 3 months a year
most nights are like re-runs of cheers
my man play it back say it's music to his hear
been a few years makin music for our peers

In a city where the sun shine for 3 months a years
most nights are like re-runs of cheers
my girl play it back say its soothing to her fears
sometimes play it back say its movin her to tears

(zion v.1)
I been savin all my scraps of paper
and raps on the backs of bubble gum wrappers
and napkins wrapped in meaning
my pen leaning divine intervening
a past bleeding into a future
California Dreaming
My wishing well ripple and shine
my daughter tossing in pennies nickels and dimes
a symbol of a simpler time
while my mind scheme a design to cure this fever of mine
its just a medium, we breakin the tedium
gas at a premium, me walkin the median
evening air breathing in, equilibrium evening
closing my eyes seein the jet plane we leavin in


(zion v.2)
It was a beautiful day, ugly part of town
time stands still, merry go round
jerseys on the field, siblings on the playground
everybody scatter when the gunshots sound
dichotomy of what life ought to be
and what the psychotic see
through his eye sockets
world's most brolic
myth and the phantasy
folly and fallacy
fat chances, gland dancers
bystanders, disinterested glances,
feminist, criminal stances
so stagnant entering trances
rolling stone romances burn like Lancers
I just ask the questions, still waiting for the answers
It's overcast, no sunny D
just that purple stuff passed in front of me
Track Name: Wind
in this comedy of errors I err on the side of comedy,
reflect on deuteronomy, pray serenity, pen economy
Track Name: Lay Hands
mordern science is designed to decipher the ancient
the secrets are sacred
the beauty and the balance if you simple and plain it
particles and parables
puzzles and mazes
populate the planet through its cycles and phases
purges and rages due to pillaging natures
lay men explain it to prayers and praises
the bible the quraan and the faith in their pages
people are patients, doctors are faceless
masks on their faces
the game is in error, we mirror the baseness
cure for the racist? quest for the ages
stock boy to block boy, work for the wages
entropy and empathy, supple amazing
couplets and phrasing
pattern and pacing
theism, we-ism, great migration
invoke kinfolk, embibe libation

Look into her eyes see visions of horizons
pyramids rise from fine grains of sands
the land meets the skies and
we devise a plan
to save man from his own hand
See no man made God made man
but man made God in his own image with his own limits
Lay Hands!
to the hurts in the body
Lay Hands
al my Gods and the Earths in the party
Lay Hands
Track Name: Too Dirty feat. Jack Burton
I'm stil amazed, hands up till the ceiling raise
son shining, blindin, you can feel the rays
fuel for the fire, flame for the lames
art from the start been the game for the dames
you ain't Rick James
get ya feet off my couch
flies on your lip bullshit out ya mouth
I'm denying the child
your mother should've aborted ya style
but its over wit now
sheddin tears in your beer
ain't the only one been through it
hard knocks on the rocks muamin chin music
alive 'll sample that, put a synth to it
I ain't a gimp, but I walk with a limp to it
all about getting paper, then putting pen to it
makin music, then sellin influence
see I ain't got to get all into it
I can leave it right there dog you can intuit
Track Name: Capital Gains
He went from grey poupon to coupon clippin
his hedge fund slippin and fallin
"Honey I shrunk the nest egg!"
this is your life on credit
his wife callin the medic
they brakin his legs, he ain't have it to bet it
they over leveraged the future
when we foretold of foreclosure
back in '04 he was a big bill folder
now Fannie Mae is foldling the stimulus package
make me wanna fill her depression
now we back to the rations
Ray and nephew pass a glass of molasses
this good got me higher than the price of the gas is.
Why my grandpops kept the cash in the mattress
big payback for these corperatist bastards
held up in a palace of malice and avarice
hands callused from holdin the chalice
and alice in chains
so strange the change of the status of thangs
who lose when the capital gains?

hands callused from holdin alice in chains
Who lose when the capital gains?
so strange the change of the status of thangs
Who lose when the capital gains?

End are a means to an end
living out of their means
sport it, but they can't afford it
type to bend like a beam through a lense
sins at the seams of the trends
the crease of the hems
they fiends lookin slim
never seen me with them
aLiVe add the beat to the blend
eroll a leaf of the skin facin east with a grin
go ahead and split ends
we got that afro sheen
and the dream never ends
you effin with the advance
never had a chance
need to lean on a friend
retro fit like the jean of your kin
in the end what it means
your just sheets to the wind
Track Name: Figure 8
they say . . .
we finish last only if not finished off first
the cycle of daughters seeking what was lost first
mothers clinging to that wich hasn't left
worse, indecision, education or a rap verse
love is drawn and quartered
reaching each and every night
longing to possess what is seen in plain sight
blind angles circle halos in the skylight
figure 8's till a nigga get his mind right